Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you Want a Tasmanian Staying at your Place?

Its probably my worst kept secret, for a long time now I have been planning to head to the US this year. (Once I organise Flights) First Stop will be San Diego Comic Con, I'll be there for the entire weekend of festivities.

After that I'm not sure how long I'll be staying for but it may mostly be over the West Coast. It depends on how many people offer to give me free accomodation or tell me where the best and cheapest hotel that doesn't contain drug dealers and giant bugs are located in LA.

But I can't wait to finally meet my long time web mates from the drawing board. And to rub shoulders with Famous People yeah thats right I wanna meet MOVIE STARS too!!!.

So if you have a spare room available in August, wanna meet up and maybe want to show me the real LA sites to a real-life Tasmanian and not show that all Americans are 'the Redneck Gun Toting' kind then let me know its only 5 months away and I've already begun planning. Don't miss out on this great Opportunity of er.......meeting me heheheh!!

Who would have known that comic strips would be so hard to do they are even harder to be funny. But I try and thats all I can do, so in anticipation of Comic-Con please enjoy this weeks Logopolis Cartoon. Also on Thursday a special edition of Logopolis for valentines day!!

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