Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What is a professional??

Is it making money from something you are good at?

These Past few months has seen a resurgence of interest in my work. For awhile there it had me worried I'd been on a downward spiral for some time now. Long before I left for my US trip last year I was not really happy with my career prospects then LA happened and a blip occurred from where I reached an all time High....... quickly followed by an all time low. The few Job interview's I had didn't go so well and everything began to look bleak I was in a mound of debt. Artist friends stopped taking my calls and stopped reading my mail.

People I called friends abandoned me some have been suprising while some not so much. I think its truly a low act when someone who is struggling and others can see it and yet do nothing to not even give some kind of moral support are inhuman. Artists are a strange breed for this they like to look after themselves. I was never like this always willing to share work but then time and time again I would get burned and even I have my limits.

So anyway enough about them, for the past while I've been suffering from Depression with my own personal Black Dog. There I said it, earlier this year I was put into therapy for Extreme Anxiety Attacks. Right now I'm doing ok, Dealing and the medication helps. I love art its in my blood for while I tried to deny it but it kept coming back and resurfacing. Eventually embracing it and walking that long road to filling this artistic craving.

Art is a Hard profession to get into, many of my friends who grew up wanting to be artists have ended in a day job where they are living in a little cubicle answering phones and staring at computer screens all day. The Upside of this is that they are making money while I am not.

But art is art, no I may never make a mark on this Landscape of Earth nor an impression but its never been about that for me. I dont want Fortune and Glory. Just to be Remembered.

I dont talk about Video Games much but I love them and Scribblenauts is a Fun little Game I picked up for my Nintendo DS today. Its wonderful for a creative mind to use ideas to get from A to B. even for the fun factor of having a little baby eaten by a dinosaur is a hysterical thing to watch. I'm really enjoying it you can even write Book of the Dead and it turns people into Zombies. How cool is that!! On the Wii I've been getting readdicted to Super Mario Galaxy and apparently a sequel is in the works so looking forward to that!

The Perhapanauts Halloween Spooktactular sees release on the 17th October. Can't believe that cover of mine is just weeks away!!

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