Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Am I the Only one NOT interested in 'The Princess and the Frog'? It just seem's to be Disneys apology to their classic 'Song of the South' ZIPPYDEEDOODAH!! Its like we need to make this a mostly Black cast and have no stereotypes because that would be bad! May as well have them all Voiced by Ice-Cube too while you're at it. I'm glad 2D is not dead I am so tired of the 3D my head hurts.
Animated Films have been lackluster of late. Sometimes I'm glad I dont work within that closed industry they all seem to be full of Alchoholics, Flakes, and Ego's. None of which I proudly am.

I will not be attending Armageddon 2009 this year in Melbourne, for a few important reasons. Last year was awful and I just didn't care for it. I was so bored within the first 10 minutes I couldn't believe I had a 2 day pass to use up. I also decided to save my money and finally pay off my debts so that I hope to hit San Diego comic con again next year for another review as Cartoon Network has decided to go all crappy with Live Action! I will have try to get into Nickelodeon and see what they have to say to my portfolio. But anyway back to Armageddon with its disappointing time last year and the fact I went to Supanova earlier in the year it just seems so mute to do it yet again. If you dont enjoy things then you need to stop doing it.

I am disappointed this does mean No Melbourne visit, I had hoped to meet up with my model friend Angela for a Coffee as well catchup with a couple of old pals. But not meant to be. My career is too important. I am getting older and not getting as far as I would like to go! Next week I begin some freelance work so I'm looking forward to adding that to my portfolio.

Finally it's taking awhile but Logopolis is coming back next month with a few cool changes after a years Hiatus. For followers on my Facebook I'm uploading the backlog of older Logopolis so you can catch up but as they are stand alone you wont have to read them but helps you understand the characters!

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