Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spring Update

A couple of weeks since my last update, I'm deep in artwork for what will hopefully be the first of many Art Print sets for DreamWork Collectors. Doing stuff that I will be finally proud of at last! So if I'm silent for most of this month you all know why!

Ray Barrett may not be a name you are familiar but for Gerry Anderson puppet fans namely 'THUNDERBIRDS' he was the voice of the villainess Hood and a well established Australian actor who worked in Britain on shows like STINGRAY, The Avengers and Doctor Who. Ray died today and although he didn't like talking about his times working on these legendary shows he certainly played a very large part in 60's pop culture. Thanks Ray.

Speaking about Doctor Who last week I picked up the amazing 'THE WAR GAMES' DvDs, I am fast becoming a Patrick Troughton fan he was an awesome Doctor.

Also got the 12th season of The Simpson's, only as it had my favorite episode ever the The Computer Wore Menace Shoes. With its 'The Prisoner' Homage but it seems they didn't have the love for it enough to actually reference the series. They call its location the Island instead of the Village and I doubt highly that they couldn't afford the rights when they even use some of its music. But seeing this again it just shows how long in the tooth the Simpson's had become and with them still on the air some things were meant to end.

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