Sunday, April 29, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

This review is SPOILER FREE it's my initial thoughts and not indepth.

Last week I managed to see the Avengers film just a small perk sometimes of living abroad.
It was Awesome! Probably one of my favorite Superhero movies ever and one I would love to see again in a heartbeat. I have made no secret of the fact I hate the DC movies they are really crap I mean all of them. I am not a fan of The Dark Knight unlike so many other people to me it Sucked the Joy right out of the Cinema and what comic book movies should be about. Comic Movies should be fun, enjoyable and odd laugh out loud banter. Thats where The Avengers ticked all the right boxes for me.

I am trying to keep this spoiler free, but since this is a Joss Whedon film there is to be expected death. And there is also joy in the Comic Book elements I felt as though I had been transported back to my youth where I was an Avid Avengers fan. So much so that I got all the single hero issues just to see what was going on in their own universe within a universe.
In the 90's I collected Captain America, Thor, IronMan and Hulk. So to see all these people come together in a real fashion and work together is something to truly behold. The Threat is there Loki and His Mysterious Alien allies. Something to which is greater enhanced by the obligatory end of main credit sequence mini epilogue. Something that banged me for six and I mean banged many fans who were in the theatre didnt process the meaning it took me a second 'Who is THAT!'OMFG.
Now to the characters All do an amazing Job, of course Tony Stark takes a major role while the others are slightly off in the background. This is understandable since not only did IronMan begin this new Franchise the one we always wanted but it's the MAJOR star. The Stand out of the Minor characters was Hulk namely Bruce Banner who we await with exasperated breath for that forgone conclusion of Transformation. You may disagree but Hulk does not work well in his own movies in a team environment however you love him much more with surrounding character fearful of what could happen when the Big Guy comes out.
While Thor, Cap, Black Widow and Hawkeye do what they do and we wait for their next movies.
Now the Stinker Character award goes too, Nick Fury I'm sorry I've never been a fan of Samual Jackson he is just Samual Jackson and he is not needed in this film However since their are no Aftican American in this film he has to be in it doesnt he. That said Don Cheadle War Machine character would have fit the bill perfectly and can you imagine two Iron Suits kicking Ass?

Well that's it for now on what my initial thoughts are on this movie. Whedon did a good job of preserving the essence of the comics which all we could really ask for right?

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