Saturday, April 14, 2012

Melbourne Supanova 2012

I decided to go to Supanova Melbourne this year, for one last roll of the dice. I've always thought Armageddon was Better for an Australian Convention but in recent years they have been quite CRAP(except for the Doctor Who guests). Their Security has left ALOT to be desired and I really am considering not returning this year. But Supanova actually arose to be a much better look around now they have moved to a bigger Venue. Saying that their Greatest failure has been the Location of the Venue previously the only way to travel to it has been by Tram and let me tell you last year the tram was so heavy with geeks it refused to move. I'd joke about that but its 100% true. They even had to get Tram security to remove everyone off the Tram so it could start. But I Digress This year They added Train Services which was 200% better and more convenient.

This will be my Final trip to Melbourne for this year I think and so I bought a few things to inspire my room and imagination. I had set myself the goal to find 'Naughty and Nice the Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm' It was their I hit a snag, everywhere I visited to ask they had no copies I mean Anywhere. You can't even buy it Online SOLD OUT even that faithful friend Amazon has no Stock. So I went around Supanova asking if they had it, No, No, No. Until I got a yes from Alternate Worlds store guy there was one problem it was not at the convention but in their public store. Crap!! he gave me his card and I walked away. After some shopping I decided to look at the card (they had another store only two suburbs away from where I was staying) I gave the store number a call........

ME: 'Hi Yeah I'm after this book by Bruce Timm'........

Alternate Worlds Rob: 'Oh yeah I sold the last one YESTERDAY!!'

ME: 'Noooooooooooooo' WHIMPER

AWROB: 'Are you Crying?'

ME: 'Sniff' No.

AWROB: 'Wait actually I have two Listed here at different prices I must have sold the cheaper Soft Cover yesterday We only have the Limited hardcover left and its ($$$$$$)

ME: ............. (Wakes Up!)

AWROB: Hello?

 ME: I'll Take It!!

This has to be the most Expensive book I have EVER bought. I Still can't believe I paid that much but a few factors convinced me it was the right thing to do being almost at the end of my Melbourne Trip I am returning home in 3 more days, I've been through ALOT of crazy stuff in the past few months and also I dont want to own/wait for a second printing of the softcover. Ahem, However when I die I am going to be Buried with this Book nobody else is going to OWN it even when I'm Dead. So Don't ask if you can have it you'll have to dig me up and take it from my strong boney flesh rotting eaten hands and then I'll haunt you if you did that.

Oh and I also picked up Modern Masters Mike Allred, Indian Jones Mini-Bust & a Conscience with an Umbrella.

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