Monday, April 2, 2012

Snow White

 Here's some Snow White artwork.

What a Nightmare today was, I'm in Melbourne for the Easter Holidays with extended family. I had heard last week of an Impending Clearance Sale that Dick Smith Electronics was having Australia Wide Luckily Melbourne is Full of these stores. While not the Best place to buy Video Games it occasionally has the odd 'Bargain' thats worth getting. So I head in the day before the big sale to just look around and see what the Local Area Store had in stock that they would need to get rid of and it would seem alot of people had the same idea. I thought to myself this Sale is going to Physically Hurt. So I decided to leave Early the next morning and walk getting there 1/2 an hour before Store Opening. Atleast 100 people were lined outside and I knew this was NOT going to end well. When the Doors Finally Kicked Open there was a clamper for the back of the store (where everything was kept). I took one look and thought No Way!!

So I was there for a $100 XBOX360 4gb Console and I can tell you it wasn't going to happen, People when they want something desperatly enough act like Hungry Zombified Hordes. And so I decided the easiest thing to do was to go to the front Counter and find a Shop Assistant. I had noticed that they had the Modern Warfare Limited Edition marked down from $499 to $299 in a glass cabinet and had opted for that (when you put into account a Console, Game, Hard Drive and Controllers its still very reasonable and so that was my decision and its stuff I would have had to have bought anyway.) And to me it was a Bargain.

As I left the store I looked back at the throngs of people scraping for every little cheap Gaming Console, Game and Accessory they could get. When they saw my carrying of an Xbox I was almost set upon. I had to get out of there and fast. I left adrenaline was at an all time high I had narrowly missed being involved in the Rush.

There's been alot of bad stuff on the Internet said about the way the sale was Handled by Dick Smith staff (The Frenzy only began when a Leaked document of the upcoming sale hit the Internet, who is not going to notice a $20 DSi) but some even saying that most of the items that were a part of the sale weren't there to begin with but that the sales assistants had put them away prior to this sale starting for themselves and ebay. I saw no evidence of this, but then again I couldnt see any of the items due to the shear number of people who had hoped for a bargain so maybe they just didnt have any to begin with. I'll never know what I do know is that I got an Xbox360 was out in 5 minutes and I wont be trying for anything like that again. Also before you complain about the fact I spent money and am supposed to never have any money what I did spend was my saving for this easter trip and you know what I DESERVE this!!.

In other news If you know my Facebook page lately you would have seen I was in a recent Dog Attack and my dog Billie who was already waiting on an operation was Hurt as well. We are waiting for him to heal before going forward with his more dangerous Operation. So this will give me time to resave up for it. Hoping to meet with friends while in Melbourne along with posting more artwork so Stay Tuned Folks.

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