Sunday, November 25, 2007


When I decided to discontinue my older strip, I had to fill the gap with something new. I had always liked the occassional 'Peanuts' stuff and so I wanted to go in that direction but rather than have to try and kick a football every week, I wanted to move into subjects and situations that appeal to me and others.
So today I begin my new series of strips entitled 'Logopolis'. I am a real geek boy at heart from Cartoons, TV, Games, Comics and Movies and this latest series will cover it all. So why the name 'Logopolis' ?? if you can tell me without googling it then you are a 'Supreme Geek'.

Although I prefer the Black and White strips you may find the occassional Colour one thrown in. And some of my real friends as well as web friends will be making an appearance from time to time so watchout you may just pop in for a Cameo. I'm really gonna try and have some real fun with this, so I hope you like them.

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