Monday, November 19, 2007

Whatcha' Lookin At??

So it was a really nice day here in Tasmania, and I decided to head into the city for some R&R. I sat in the Park at 'Salamanca Place' for almost 5 hours Brainstorming some new cartoons for this here blog.

So the Park benches are laid out horribly there. Normally I like a table but for most of the day they were busy. So these benches face each other and you have to sit directly opposite someone else. For awhile there I was mostly on my own then out of the blue this weird guy comes and sits down and starts mumbling to himself. Not only that but tries to see what the hell I' m drawing. I'm an artist who can't stand snoops and I can't draw in front of a crowd so I tried to edge the sketchbook away from prying eyes. I think the old dude was a Dutchy too!!

And heres a tip when its a really hot day wear some sunscreen my heads still a tinglin'.

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  1. yeah people nosing into the sketchbook has mixed results man. It's great when a kid waltzes up and just loves the creatures or funny animals I've done, but man i'd love some warning to move past the nude girl I'm working on!

    also it's a great way to meet girls.

    not that..I ..yeah...


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