Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sick The Third

I'm sick again with the flu, in so many months. I had it at the beginning of the year twice and it somehow found me again. Best to get it now before I hit the USA!! I was planning to go out sketching but I normally have these for about 2 weeks and will have to wait now and see how things go.

I am so glad I got my 4 day pass to comic con as it just sold out. Whether or not I will be at the con the entire 4 days is another matter entirely!! I would love to see the place and try out the food but I hate being on my own.

Logopolis well ya know I dont think people come here for it, and I'm thinking of just saying goodbye to it. If theres anyone that cares please let me know.

The Aqua Leung Pin Up apparently it came out well, I never got a copy of the book so I never saw the final product. I hope it did. If you saw it let me know!!

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  1. Matt, ARE YOU NUTS?!?
    I come here for inspiration, not for you to tear down your blog!!
    I actually love, LOVE Logopolis when you post them!
    I wish you wouldn't, but its not my decision to make.
    All I can say is that I'd like to see it more often.
    Truth be told, I'd like it if you got enough strips together to make your own book, a lá PVP and started to sell it, but that's just me.
    Enjoy the West Coast, its got a bunch of different food from the East Coast for you to enjoy and I KNOW you'll have a great time at the Con, I won't be there. Work and family commitments and all.


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