Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Art Of Nowhere!!

So I bet your thinking 'Matt, doesn't do any artwork except maybe one a month' And you would be wrong I do atleast two pieces of art a month. HAHAH No I'm Kidding, look I just cant show anybody the work I do half the time.

Some of the work I go for is under some sort of 'Something so Secret, Don't show anybody or we will sue' Mentality. I wouldn't have a problem with this if I actually recieved money for my silence. But I don't. In fact the Majority of the time I dont make a Cent and most of the time the Studio, advertisting firm or whatever say you want the Job then do This for free or Don't Bother!!

So as an artist your stuck between a rock and a Hard Place. Your time gets eaten up doing work that will not see the light of day and you won't see any money. In some regards this is a good thing for the majority of studios want the work 'Yesterday' So everything is rushed and I am never happy when I rush stuff out!! But Since again I compete for the Job, someone else always gets it.

Recently I applied for some work at a toy company, I was asked to do a test. And to solve a Design problem. I was given this on the Wednesday with the deadline on the Friday. Which would have been fine If I didnt already have an 8+ hour working day on both days. How expect you to just drop everything and concentrate on a TEST and not an actual job is beyond me.
So You are never giving it your best and you fail.

In a way I am glad I'm not in a Relationship with anyone, I dont know how much it would suffer from my lack of attention. It seems Thats an artists family life suffers from extreme pressure and I'll talk about that next time.

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