Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Stressful Week!!

This week has been really stressful for me, my parents are away for awhile and I am left sitting the house and the dogs. I've been down with flu so everything has been limited so I know when to quit fighting and to stay in bed. On friday I decided to get off my sorry butt and try and
get my mind of things. So I met up with SammyG whom I had not seen since Armageddon Con like seven months ago.

We yapped and caught up over lunch, Sam no doubt was sick of hearing my excitement over my impending US trip and we started talking about movies. And the new Indiana Jones 4 flick. Sam hadn't seen it and I told him how great it was and how I enjoyed it. So we just said dammit lets go and see it.
I don't think his girlfriend wanted to see it, most likely girls are only interested in that pile of crap with Sarah Jessica Parker. So I sat through the film again even paid more money than I did last time, Its been ages since I saw a film twice The last time was when I begged my mum for money to go see Never Ending Story again!! Yes I'm that Old!! I loved it a second time while it was Sams first going through the thrill ride!!

A Guy walked out at the point I really wanted to leave at the ending on the hill (you know what I mean if you've seen the movie) But I stayed didnt mind THAT ending the second time around.

I guess I'll be buying this on DvD when it comes out.

Speaking of DvDs Just watched Futurama Benders Big Score, I used to love the TV show got all the series on dvd and I've had the movie for months but I was little disheartened after I met Billy West and he was being a bit Irrate. I got a message from voice actor supremo Maurice LaMarche and he told me not to take it personally.
So I finally got up the courage to view it, and after awhile I was back to my Futurama loving ways. David X Cohen did a great job creating this show and...... what?? Matt Groening created it?? Next you'll be telling me he invented the Simpsons!! We all know who the real brains are, Groening just counts the bucks!!
So disappointments in the movie had to be the songs I hated them, and they seemed forced. That Coolio crap was irresponsible we all know the reasons why they put songs in so the writers can get revenue everytime the episode is played. I think its repugnant personally.

Anyway overall a really nice movie, and alot of laugh out loud moments in it. If anything fox should have brought this back instead of Family Guy I cant stand that show!!

Well as I had begun to say it was certainly a stressful week, I got some more bad news concerning my artwork and its gonna take me a while to get over it. I apologise theres been a lack of art lately, Logopolis was one to suffer most as I got a backlog of cartoons I've drawn but that need scanning and colouring. I'll try and keep everyone in the loop.

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  1. You know, I completely agree on the Futurama/Family Guy front. That Seth McFarland is a dumbass.
    Aside from his show being one poorly designed, colored, timed and directed piece of shit. The guy makes his career on season after season of dick jokes and drug references. Whatever happened to watching characters develop and grow, not becoming one dimensional cut outs of themselves and just going through the motions.
    Two reasons I hate this guy and his fucking show.
    One - -I'm from the state it's about and where he went to school, Rhode Island. When his show was going to debut, the local news stations did an interview with him and he had the balls to say with a straight face and even tone that his show was going to be better than the Simpsons.
    Look, the Simpsons isn't the best thing on televsion, I'll admit.
    But rule number one when it comes to Rupert Murdock, animation and just general world affairs on any scale.
    Don't crap where you eat. This guy had the audacity to tell the Corporation that was hiring him that his idea was better before it was on the air than there biggest money grabber, which was already on the air and established!
    Second--I saw pictures of him when his show started. He looked like a retarded Harry Potter from Seattle.
    Nowadays, he looks like a coked up version of Peter Brady and he obviously makes no qualms about it.
    If there's another thing about a person I can't stand (and BELIEVE me I just don't suffer fools gladly), its a false sense of pride that borders on egotism.
    Ol' Seth's got that in spades.

    They should've left Family Guy in the crapper and given more money to Futurama. Just look at what they did in the short time that they were on the air! Imagine what would have happened if they'd have been given more time and a little more money!

    I think my blood sugar's low, that was a pretty long rant!


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