Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will You Draw in My Book?

A few weeks to go before my BIG trip, I cant wait!! One aspect of this has been 'The Sketchbook' this book will be passed around at Comic-Con and LA and every person, artist and star I meet will do something in the book for me I hope!! It will be a momento of the trip!! I had Doug Holgate Draw something in it at last years armageddon con but since then its been bare!! Will you Draw Something in my book?As you know for some time it has been a dream of mine to work for a major animation company. I have been asked if I will be having my art portfolio reviewed by the big wigs at comic con!! I am a little hesitant but this may be my only chance if people will help me decide which art should be in the portfolio then I will add it and we will see how I fair!!

I was in a Salamanca Cafe last week having lunch when I felt I was being watched!! I wasn't wrong as I looked beside me there were birds on tables and at my feet!! They were very well Fed too!!

I'm currently doing some secret stuff this is me at my table, not much to go on but your not supposed to guess yet!!Okay kinda bad news the fact of the matter is that I'm thinking of only having one blog as this seems to get the most exposure from the two I currently have Some have never even heard of my Nuts and Bolts one. So I may combine both into an art blog so what do you think One For All??

Lastly I've toyed with the idea of doing a limited print available from me at comic-con it would seem some people have been wanting a hi-res print of my version Harley & Ivy. So I am thinking of a very small run of prints possibly 25-50 being signed and numbered at about $10 each so are you interested?


  1. A LOT of your artwork that you have on your blogs and on your MySpace page would look great as prints, and I really don't see charging $10 for a hi res print as being too much. I'd buy some, sure! I'm looking for something to decorate the walls of my new apartment!
    As for your blogs, I'd like to suggest that you combine some of the elements of the other ones into this one. I wish I was on the West Coast for this Comicon, I'd have been honored to meet you and sketch in your new book.
    (Not that I'm famous, but I'd still like to expand my ego by thinking that a sketch of mine is on the other side of the world!)

  2. Too bad you're not going for the portfolio reviews. :(

    That's a good idea to try to sell prints. Instead of having so many of that one, why don't you have two different designs to choose from? Like the batgirl print? :)

  3. Well I am going to get my portfolio reviewed I just need help choosing the pieces to have printed! No Point in travelling all the way there and not having it Ripped to shreds by the best!! :)


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