Friday, July 4, 2008

Meet 'Squirt The Tasmanian Devil'

Hey everybody I'd like you all to meet 'Squirt the Tasmanian Devil'. Squirt and his brothers and sisters will be travelling with me to the United States in 2 weeks time where we will be finding new homes for all of them. This should also bring awareness that The Tasmanian Devil is currently facing extinction from a deadly facial disease that currently threatens its very existence.

So for those gracious enough in devoting some time to show me and 'Squirt' around LA for the 'Tasmanian in America' Project will be Given one of his Brothers or Sisters to look after.
Squirt wants to come along just to make sure they all go to very Good Homes!!

Finally Happy Anniversary to this blog its exactly a year old today!!


  1. Yay! Awwwww so cute :D

  2. I think Squirt should stop in to KC while he's traveling to the US. :)


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