Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mister, Can You Spare Some Change?

In 1996 I visted Los Angeles on my own for about 8 days. As you should all know by now I am at last returning in 2008 this time for a longer stay and with a few new friends to meet and chat too.

I can't wait!!
So with that all said I have begun the Task of collecting stuff to take with me. Some of this was what I had last time. I pulled out a dusty old box and I discovered.........

Now I know what your thinking yes I did cash most of the US currency back into australian. But what alot of people don't know when they come back from foreign shores and travelling international is that the currency market will not accept Coins returned!!

So I had a heap of money left over from last time and I guess now I have a use for it on my return so I counted it up and found a note written from my past self to my future self stating I had $6.04 when I recounted it it came to $8.04. Whoah it actually increased. No idea how it happened but its good to have a few extra coins to spare. As you can see I have also a crisp Dollar Bill and I kept it last time as a reminder...or Proof of my last trip and I wont be spending it!! Thanks to Squirt for modeling it in this photo he is not at all Camera shy and looks to be popular with the Ladies!!
And heres a video of me buying another useful item for the trip!!

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