Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three Days

Just three days left before I head off to the US. I have finally completed the Perhapanauts cover and it is in the final stages of being sent to the printer. I will be unveiling it while at Comic Con so if you want to see it then just stop and ask me! Its still scheduled for mid-september release so keep and eye out for it!

Still too much to do, I have to reprint alot of my artwork in time for the portfolio review. I dug out my old business cards but unfortunately I cant use them due to age they dont have my website on them either but I guess it still is a way to contact me!!

Well meeting a friend tomorrow to get some software to help with the video for the trip I cant wait to begin filming and editing!

Also do people find the fact that I am bringing over Tassie Devils is a Tacky Idea??? now that its been pointed out to me I cant help but think it might be. So What are your thoughts yes or no to me giving out Stuffed Tassie Devils??

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