Friday, February 27, 2009

The City of The Damned!!

I'm moving forward with another Mister Hyde strip, I've learnt all my mistakes of the First strip I did and have taken all the comments on board. I'm not really caring whether you like it or not because it is coming!!.

And now heres one of the creepiest films to have ever been made. A small town falls asleep for a few hours only to awaken with the discovery that some of the women are impregnated with a Demon Seed. The Hive children grow quickly and begin to take over the town with creating fear for its inhabitants as well as killing a couple of them too. ahhhhhh The Moral is Kids are Creepy!! I really don't like this trailer mainly because of the American voice over for a very British Movie they also re-edit scenes to make it look like certain events happen which they don't!! Its a great film go out an rent it but make sure its the 1960 B/W version not the horrid american remake!

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