Friday, February 20, 2009

The Many Faces of Mister Hyde

The Infamous Mister Edward Hyde or 'Eddie' to his friends. Evil courses through his veins. When going about invisioning this character I took all the well known aspects of this classic character with a little spin. I did a bunch of sketches and over time it evolved into the character I went with.
Probably my favorite version of the character is from the movie Mad Monster Party. Although in the end it looked nothing like that character there is still much left from him in the colour scheme. Green Skin, Red Eyes and Pink Nose. Unlike the recent Incarnations Hyde was always a short man not a Hulk character so I made sure he wasn't like that!
There was one distinct object that I couldn't get away from the Top Hat was a must.
Not sure if I will be continuing with this character, as I really just wanted to set up a reason to actually design the characters and show the process. Thanks for all the comments over the past couple of weeks, Sometimes you aren't sure if you are just talking to yourself. When theres dead air for months on end. I love feedback good or bad otherwise a hundred things go through your head thinking 'Whats Wrong with it?'.

Nope I'm not professional I've met plenty of people that are but I'm just an amatuer trying to make good. I try to be honest and if that means being somewhat self critical then thats what we must do.

It's been a rough week, with the next week or two planned to be even rougher. Doctors visits and the like with more next week. Thanks for your patience if you have any questions on anything let me know.

Just watched the remake to The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Yeah good Popcorn flicks. Now that I see it again Brendan Frasers Wig is just so OBVIOUS!!

If you can cast your mind back to Novemeber when I was visiting Melbourne I went to the Video Game expo they had there. And although it wasn't brilliant, it did make my mind up that I wanted a DS to play with. I also was watching this game called Wario Land: The Shake Dimension also known as 'Shake It' in America (don't ask me why they changed it perhaps its a rude title here) for the Wii.

Anywho I didn't get a chance to play it as they were only letting rotten kids to have a go. I really liked how it looked like a cartoon. I picked it up last week but due to busy week I haven't had much time to play it.

Heres the Trailer for it there are a few cut scenes on youtube as well. Looks like Fun!!

Theres a great Documentary on youtube as well that I watched called Haunted London Underground. If you haven't seen it I recommend it if you want chills just watch this clip.

Have I mentioned I'm in Melbourne Later Next month?? Yeah I'm travelling over there to meet my Favorite Doctor Who. I also heard that Supanova Convention is going to be on but whether or not I will make it depends on cashflow. And things are Bad right now for everyone. I am so lucky I have a roof over my head right now not sure how long that will last though.

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